A Pledge Of Peace

Last year I did 28 days of kindness and that was a huge success.  This year I wanted to change it up a bit.  After everything that has gone on and with my finding my spiritual groove back I don't want to lose this feeling.  So, starting Saturday 5/1 I will be conducting "31 days of peace."  This means that for 31 days straight I will NOT allow anyone nor anything to shake my peace.  I will meditate every morning and before bed (I sleep like a baby afterward).  I will do something I never do - I will commit kind acts for myself.  This is hard for me as I prefer doing things for others, but I know that in order to make others happy I must be happy first.  Daily I will come here and share my positive thoughts and Aha moments with you.

Will you join me?  Nothing major is required and you can take it as slow as you'd like.  The main object is to be good to yourself.  To pledge to love on yourself and not allow others to steal that joy and love.  Are you with me?  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section whenever you feel like jumping in!

*Added 2:59pm*  I came up with this little pledge and if you're joining us please feel free to print this or write it with your name and recite it daily. :)

I Tabitha pledge to treat myself right
I promise to cover myself in God's love both day and night
I pledge to laugh, sing and dance
I promise to choose joy with every chance
I pledge to let ignorance and negativity flee
I pledge from this day forward to forever and always choose me


  1. I love that idea!!! I need to love myself too sometimes.

  2. oh tabitha...i would love to do this! i need to get back to meditating and i need to find more peace in my life.

  3. Tabitha,

    I too, have a tendency to do so much for others first and then if, there is time left in the day, I might try and find something for myself to enjoy. Yet more often than not, there is nothing to give myself at the end of the day, so I dear, sister, am in on this one with you.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. I think this will be a great idea. and you are so right, we must be kind to us first, often a thing we overlook. take care.

  5. I'm there with you! :)

  6. When you are kind to yourself you are more available to be kind to other. Blessings of love to you.

  7. now this is something interesting :) I think I will join :) hugs

  8. I'm SO excited!! I'm looking forward to this journey with such beautiful souls!!

  9. i'm doing it...i need it and i'm so happy!

  10. I love you my daughter and thank God each day that he has brought you into my life! Your words always speak to my heart and lift me. You bring light into my world!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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