The Goings On Within My Mind

It's a new day and I'm deeply grateful to see it.  Walking in this new path is proving to be a true struggle, but I'm a stubborn one.  Even though we face obstacles the good outweighs the bad.  This forgiveness thing is testing me to the point of no return.  I never want to be lied to, so I will never lie to you.  It is SO HARD forgiving someone who ripped the very breath from your body!  I want to.  I truly want to forgive anyone who has done me wrong, but this case is proving to be more challenging than anticipated.  You know the saying "kill them with kindness?"  Yeah well, it's killing me more than the offender.  Ugh!  I want to be free of this, but I am fully aware that it can and will be an ongoing process.  I am one step closer today.  I read another blog on forgiveness and her insight was dead on.  It felt as if she were writing for me and I felt God's love for me.

I'm no surprise to God, but sometimes I fear I may be driving him crazy. LOL


  1. HA! It's nice to hear that from you, because I feel the same way. (Last sentence)

    I didn't talk to my paternal grandmother for almost two years, but I felt God pulling me to forgive. It took me a long time, but I forgave her. I hope that it becomes easier for you.

  2. I have to keep reminding myself that forgiveness is a choice and that just because I forgive that does NOT mean I am saying that what the other person did was okay...nor does it mean I will allow them to hurt me again.

    Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

  3. And while you are are learning how to forgive you will also learn patience. Two for the price of one. Stay strong luv

  4. Give it time, Tabby! Maybe there's a reason you are struggling to somehow just be at peace, it may be that you sense something or that something else needs to occur (maybe by the person who HURT you) first!!! Because you have a very generous heart and if you are struggling, there is a valid reason!!!

  5. It's not always easy...and that's OK! And God does not mind you one bit... ;)


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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