She Uplifts Me!!

Charlie and I - Aug 2008

I have the sweetest daughter ever and God reminds me of this daily.  Yesterday I was going through a few emotions (without her knowing) and during her lunch break the following text took place.

Charlie: Mommy you are the coolest!
Me: What did I do?
Charlie: You're just so cool.
Me: Thank you baby!!
Charlie: Yeah, I'm your biggest fan and I have all your records
Me: Huh?
Charlie: You're my rock star mommy!
Me: Thank You God!!!


  1. Tabitha this is just wonderful, your daughter sounds like a lovely young lady....and she is right you are a rock star of kindness and good and a loving heart...take care.

  2. precious our children are!


  3. You truly are blessed with a beautiful - inside out - young daugther. And what a thing between a mum and daugther... Wonderful what happens when the best is passed on and thrives. What a couple of lovely ladies you are together.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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