Upside Down

God is so amazing!!  Surgery for anyone is a big ordeal, but for a person with severe disabilities it can be a huge production.  Finding a safe place to access an IV on me was like searching for Bin Laden.  What an experience!  The surgery itself went beautifully and as expected the anesthesia didn't agree with my tummy, but that didn't last very long.  I prayed and believed and as always God came through.  I'm very very bad with managing pain, but in the past three years I've had two major surgeries with zero pain afterward.  I truly know there is a God, because no man could get me through what I've been through or even what my family is now facing with my aunt leaving us.

As of Sunday the hospice nurse told the family my aunt has about 48 hours to be on this earth.  I am far away and that hurts so very much, but my aunt knew I was having surgery and doctor won't clear me to travel until Wednesday.  At first I was very angry, because I needed to say my goodbyes to her.  Then my cousin placed my heart at ease.  I spoke to my aunt everyday of my life.  The last thing she told me was to not be afraid of my surgery and she loved me.  I think she knew then what was coming.  I think she knew I needed to hear her say that to me.  Losing anyone is hard, but for me this is harder.  My aunt is a peaceful, kind, compassionate and love-filled child of God.  She taught me so much and my life is far greater for having her in it.  At this point our lives are upside down, but I know through it all God will guide us back to our True North.


  1. So glad your surgery went well and that you are not in pain.

    I know your Aunt knows you love her and is surely at peace.

  2. I'm always led to drop by your blog home on the most perfect of days. Thank God your surgery went fine and you're right...nobody BUT Jesus!

    Thank God your aunt knows Jesus. She's in a better position than we are...on her way home.

  3. God bless your loving Aunt and you ...very much you. xxx

  4. Dearest Tabitha,

    You and your family are in my prayers. I thank God for your clear sailing through the surgery. I know He is with you and your aunt. May she rest easy in His arms.

    Love and prayers...

  5. Peace, love and light be with you and your Aunt.

  6. Tabitha,

    SO glad that you are on the mend and in time you'll be up and going again!Praising God once more that He knew what you needed and provided for you!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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