Surgery Day - Until I Return

This will post as I am headed to the hospital for my surgery.  Gallbladder must come out and I am okay with this.  I am in complete peace about this surgery, because I'll be walking in there with God and not by myself.  I have many angels watching over me, so I will be safe.  There is true power in prayer, so if I cross your mind today please say a prayer for a speedy and safe recovery.  I would deeply appreciate it.  Until I return I have a few posts set up already.  I truly hate for my blog to be behind, especially when I have so much to say these days.

My aunt Diana is losing her battle with cancer.  It has taken over and we are afraid she can no longer fight it.  I kindly ask that you keep her in your prayers as well.  I asked God to please let her transition be smooth and pain free.  She has been very strong and positive throughout this entire ordeal and she is truly one of my biggest heroes. 

Things I Know For Sure:

1. With God on my side I will not fear what others can do to me -Psalm 118:6
2. God is the greatest physician known to man
3. Life is a true gift that is to be cherished
4. I love my daughter more today than I did yesterday
5. My entire being is at peace and I love it
6. I adore you all


  1. Dear Lord...
    Bless my friend.
    Keep her in your hands.
    Watch over her in hour of need.
    Keep your eye on her family and offer them comfort. Guide the doctors as they help heal her.
    Please help her Aunt find peace, as she prepares to come home.
    and Amen

  2. Oh hon...I am glad you are getting it will feel like anew woman..I had mine out too!! You will be in my thoughts and prayers! Sending gentle hugs and love!!
    I am so deeply sorry about your aunt is so hard to go throug this! Sening more hugs and love to you and your aunt hon!
    Take care! Love, Sarah

  3. Tabitha,

    You are in my prayers, dear. I know you are wrapped in Love.

    Peace, Linda

  4. Surgery is never fun, is it? Sorry you are having to go though this. I will say a prayer for you today and for your aunt.

    I admire your choice to embrace the Father's hand and choose peace as you weather these storms.

    Hope to "see" you back in action soon!

  5. Wishing you and your surgeon many blessings. I will hold a special spot for your Aunt in my prayers.

    Hope your recovery is speedy! xoxo

  6. Gracious, I had no idea that you were about to undergo surgery, don't know how I missed that. Hoping you are well and comfortable as I write this!!!

  7. Tabitha,

    I am lifting you up in prayer as I write this and asking for God's divine hand in this from start to finish. This will go as planned and your healing will begin as quick at the surgery ends. Keeping your aunt in prayer as well and know this that those who are prayed over, heal faster than those who don't!

    It's a proven scientific fact!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. Praying your surgery will go well, & that you will have a fast recovery!

  9. All the best for your operation, may you be free of pain and discomfort in short time. Blessings to Diana too, may she find peace amidst the storm. Take care.

  10. Prayers and love and healing energy to to you and your Aunt Diana. xxx


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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