Uplifting Shelita

In 2008 my oldest cousin Shelita took care of my Grandma and nursed her until she went home to be with God.  Two days ago, in the very same room and bed my Grandma went home in my aunt went home to Jesus as well.  Shelita has always looked out for our Grandma and her mom (my aunt).  But at this moment she is having a very difficult time and I want to uplift her in the sweetest way I know how.  I'm asking every friend, reader and supporter of our mission to please uplift Shelita by simply sending her an encouraging card.  She was so moved and blown away when you all did this for my aunt and I know she would be so very appreciative to receive such love for herself at this time.

So, I'm calling on every reader, commenter, blogger, twitter friend, and facebook friend to help us uplift my cousin who truly needs this at this time in her life.  If you wish to send Shelita a card you can email me at ichoosebliss@gmail.com and I'll email you her mailing address.  I would be so very appreciative to you all!!

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  1. Oh you know it!
    Please let me...
    What a blessing she has been in your life!!!
    HUGS to you :)


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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