P.O.P Day 9

4 years ago I set myself free from Society's idea of what beautiful hair was.  I chopped it all off and fell in love with myself.  The down fall was I allowed society once again to dictate my look.  I started growing my hair out, because I didn't want people to think blah blah blah.

Well, I'm done with that and I have once again gone back to the look that I love!  With this look I feel freed from this world.  I can see the REAL ME! No hiding behind hair or masks.  Just being me! I feel beautiful!
I'm going to look how I desire to see myself! I'm going to love me regardless of what anyone else thinks! I'm going to be authentically True to myself!
My Daily Intention: To embrace my true beauty from the inside out :)
My Daily Gift: To be gentle and compassionate with myself.

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