P.O.P - Day 8: Trying To Be More Like Jesus

But its very hard.  I struggle daily.  On many days I fail miserably, but I get up the next day and give it another try.  I don't give up.  I can't.  Giving up in this world is simply not an option for me.

During church I received great help.  I felt as if the word was just for me today.  I truly needed that, because when you're stumbling that insane devil will go at you HARD.  So, I wanted to share a few pointers I received today.  Maybe it will help others. :)

To Be Like Jesus Means:
A) Loving ALL beings (including their flaws)
B) Being the peace keeper (My aunt Diana was amazing at this)
C) To bless others without fear or conditions
D) Desiring to please God above others (When you help, bless or forgive others regardless of themselves THAT pleases God immensely)
E) Saying YES.  Even if there is no acknowledgment of your act or 1 single thank you!)
F) Forgiving others quickly because God has forgiven You.

We are humans, so we will never be perfect as Jesus IS.  But, we can take baby steps daily that will allow Him to perfect our imperfections.  Allowing US to reflect more of Him and less of this world.  It's not easy, but it is very DOABLE. :)

My Daily Intention: is to be more like Jesus by following these steps.
My Daily Gift: To cook my family & I an amazing dinner!

God Bless

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