An Awakening

Hello Dear Friends :)
It has been awhile since I've blogged here, but the beautiful thing is I can ALWAYS return.  I though my awakening began in 2007, but I was so very wrong.  On November 18th of this year I made an innocent call to my doctor's office.  The nurse scolded me for not coming there in a year, but I wasn't sick!! She said some blood work showed my glucose level was 119 and I could be borderline Diabetic.  All I truly heard her say was "You could be Dying!!"  I went and retook my blood work and everything was beautiful, BUT the movement had BEGUN.  Anger rose within me for not loving me ENOUGH!  For not taking care of this Home (body) God had given me!

On November 18th I vowed to put me FIRST.  I can still take care of my family, serve others and study the word WHILE loving myself.  I knew at that moment something DRASTIC was about to happen, but what?  When I woke up the very next day I had the answer.  I HAD to walk away from rice, pasta and the demon known as sugar.  I can't get away from sugar completely, but I COULD make an ACTIVE effort.  I knew it would be hard, but I also knew God was on my side.

Since 11/19 I have lost 8 pounds!! I make WISE food decisions, I drink LOTS of water, eat LOTS of fruit & veggies, exercise (as much as I can) and I REFUSE to fall off the wagon.  Prayer has given me great strength.  The though of diabetes, heart disease or ANY sickness scares me to do the RIGHT thing.  I will not leave my family at a young age!  I plan to be here until my nineties (If I have any say so).

So, I wanted to say this.  IF you are struggling with food issues know first...You Are NOT Alone.  Secondly, take it ONE DAY AT A TIME.  Thirdly, there is a greater power within you than SELF.  Rely on that power.  Rely on GOD.  He can get you through without a doubt!  I'll share what I'm eating here in upcoming posts. :)

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