2015 Brings An Expansion of Love

As many of my readers know my family and I run a mission called
Random Acts of Luvmail/God's Luvmail

In 2015 we will be expanding our reach to uplift Many More children :)

What we'll be doing in 2015:
1. Beginning in January we'll be sending Luvmail to children (Ages 3-10) within the US living w/ANY illness, special need, getting bullied Or financial hardship.
2. We will send to kids who may have loss a sibling (3-10)
3. We will be doing Random calls for Birthday mail requests each month (limit of 10 kids per month)

So Excited About 2015!!! 

If you'd love your child to be uplifted through receiving Luvmail please visit our Facebook page or request via emailing us - 504uplifting@gmail.com

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