Beautiful Changes

Good Morning & Happy Halloween!

6 years ago my family & started a mission called 504uplifting.  Where we send mail to kids throughout the USA who are dealing with health issues, are siblings of ill kids or who's family is having financial hardship.  We have ALWAYS known this was God's baby.  He placed the seed within me.  He gave me every idea.  He provides financially and in every other way.  We have ALWAYS placed God first in this mission, but after 6 years our family decided it was time to place Him first in the name as well.  So, two days ago we went from 504uplifting to God's Luvmail Mission!

If you are on Facebook we'd love to have you join us!  Another beautiful change is we now send Luvmail to kids ages 1-16 AND we send Cards or Letters of Inspiration to Adults!!  We Hope to see you there!!  God Bless!

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Twitter: @LuvmailMission
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