You Are NOT Invisible!

On Sunday I received a request for a "Letter of Love" from a Mommy who's feeling Invisible.  This broke my heart to know she's feeling this way.  So, if there's ANYONE out there feeling this way this is what I want you to know...You are NOT invisible.  There is ONE who sees you everyday all day and He Loves You. He sees the sacrifices you make.  He knows just how many times you've gone without just so your babies could have.  He hears your cries.  He sees your tears.  He Loves You.  We as human beings tend to fail one another far too often, but God will NEVER fail You.  When you cry He cries with you.  He wants to be your Comforter.  He wants to fill You with His Love, Joy & Peace.  You Are NOT Invisible.  You are a Purposeful Masterpiece.  Created from LOVE.  It is simply Impossible for you to be Invisible when He's surrounding You Everyday of Your Life.

Come

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