Honestly What I Need

Through daily life we hear people stating what they Want.  Around Christmas time you'll hear children commanding "I want that!"  But instead of stating what I want I'd like to take a moment to say what it is I truly NEED.

I Need:
-Father, Son & Holy Spirit
-To be patient in all circumstances
-To listen to God and drown out the world
-To ONLY trust God
-The Complete Goodness of God to cover me daily
-To speak to others with Love & Gentleness
-To Uplift others
-To be able to accept others uplifting me
-To Resist the Devil and he'll flee from me
-To fully know my past does NOT define who I am
-To know my past has been washed away by Jesus' Blood
-To be Grateful for what I have & Never complain about what I don't have
-To Cherish those God place in my life (even those who are there to teach me tough lessons)
-To be Quiet when I have nothing good to say
-To be honest at ALL TIMES
-To be present at every given moment
-To keep my eyes on Jesus and NOT on issues or worldly things
-To LIVE as if Today is my Last Day on earth
-To realize that there is SO MUCH I need and KNOW that God is the ONLY one who can Provide or Fulfill this within my Life.

To Be Continued...

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