HOPE in Weighloss!

I NEVER talk about weight-loss supplements on my blog nor in my everyday life.

A week ago my cousin and I were discussing my struggles in weigh-loss.  With my particular disability exercise is rather tricky and more than often rather painful.  I was seriously losing hope, because I REFUSE to do any surgery.  Any way my cousin who was seriously injured a year ago in a car accident was explaining that she was now taking "Green Coffee Bean Extract" after watching the Dr. Oz show.

Now, I love Dr. Oz, but I'm VERY skeptical when it comes to weight-loss supplements.  I Google searched and found some very interesting things about this supplement.

From Amazon: In 2012, the U.S. National Library of Medicine published a randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study that evaluated the impact and safety of green coffee bean extract as a weight loss supplement. Over 12 weeks, participants lost an average of 17 pounds by taking green coffee bean extract twice per day, making no other changes to their diet or exercise. On average, they lost 10% of their body weight and 16% of their total body fat. Moreover, they experienced NO SIDE EFFECTS of any kind.

Dr. Oz Quote: “you may think magic is make-believe but this little bean has scientists saying that they found the magic weight loss cure for every body type. It’s green coffee beans and when turned into a supplement this miracle pill can burn fat fast for anyone who wants to lose weight. This is very exciting and breaking news!”

Now let me tell you from PERSONAL experience!  I started taking the Green Coffee Bean Extract (800mg) on 8/18/12, two days later on 8/20/12 I wanted to weight myself (never thinking I had lost anything!).  After stepping onto the scale I found I had dropped 1 pound and 1 inch around my belly and waist!  This supplement does NOT cause you to be jittery AT ALL.  It gives me a little boost in energy and makes me feel fuller quicker and longer!

This is HUGE especially for those of us who want to exercise and can't!  It is recommended that you take TWO pills per day, but in all honesty I have ONLY taken 1 a day and STILL received awesome results.  I have given up sugar, pasta and white bread.  I am able to do leg lifts and tummy crunches while sitting ONLY. 

I'm doing this blog because someone somewhere is in need of HOPE.  This supplement may be the answer for many.  I was losing all hope FAST and then a blessing came my way.  Know that I didn't just run out and buy this.  I researched the product and the company in-which I purchased it from.  I read the studies done using Green Coffee Bean Extract.  And the greatest thing of ALL is I am living proof that it's working! I have experienced ZERO SIDE EFFECTS, but have experienced GREAT BONUSES!  I will update on my progress!

*I am in NO WAY being paid by ANYONE to post this blog.  I just want to share a good thing when I see it!

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