At The Feet of God #1

When I am sitting at the feet of God I express that I am expecting to learn from him today.  God never disappoints me.  He always goes a step beyond what I'm expecting!  I hope this is of great help to all who read it!

- We must approach every being and situation from a space of pure love
- There are 2 paths in life - fear and love.   Choose love and experience pure joy!
- God is LOVE and we were created in his image; therefore we are love and should operate from this daily
- Move through the world in compassion and understanding
- STOP judging others
- What you focus on expands (good or bad)
- Complain less and bless MORE
- Forgive others
- Daily ask God to help you be who He intends you to be

Someone may read this and think this is simple, but the truth is we do NOT do this enough in our daily lives.  Everyday I ask God to change me into who He wants me to be.  I am shown something that must first be changed in order for that to happen.  Never do I feel God is picking on me, but instead I feel deeply loved that He takes the time to show me and teaches me how to achieve this.

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