Dad Vs Father

I grew up in a home with a praying mom and a non praying step dad.  My step dad never told my sisters and I that he loved us.  Both of my sisters are His biological children, yet he never said it to them either.  I actually understood him NOT saying it to me, but to not express love towards your OWN kids?  Knowing that our dad was not like most dads lead us to seek comfort in the wrong kinds of guys.  Heartache ran rampant within three girls who truly just needed their dad to SHOW that he indeed loved them.

My own biological dad was a drug addict, so I didn't meet him until I was twenty one.  Two dads and no good father figure in sight.  As I grew up these two guys lead me to believe God was just like them - UNAVAILABLE.  I knew all about Jesus and I LOVED him, but this God who's suppose to be my Father had to be just like the two I had in the flesh.

It was my Grandmother's passing that thrust me deeply into God's arms.  I started reading the Bible.  The more I read the more I learned how Jesus was just like His Father.  If His Father and my Father are the same, then my Father is NOTHING like the two earthly dads I encountered. 

I started talking with God daily.  Several times a day I'd speak to him.  As time has gone by I have realized just how Different God is from my two dads.  He tells me he loves me daily.  He has filled MANY voids within my heart.  He has shown me how to fully love myself.  But most of all He has shown me what a True Father should look like.  I no longer feel Fatherless in this world.  Knowing God as my Father has given me tremendous strength and self-worth.  God also shows me his True Identity through my husband who is by far the greatest and most AVAILABLE dad I've ever met. 

My daughter has two earthly dads who are there and love on her non stop.  Their actions have shown her who her Father is and How he is.  Today we share that same Father and we know we are loved unconditionally.  We know we need not seek love that is less than what He is giving us.  We know that Our Father who art in Heaven will never fail nor abandon us.  Because of this truth I can still love my dads knowing they did the best they could with what very little they knew.

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