Today's Job:
-Be Gentle With Yourself & Others
-Don't Be Hard On Yourself

I Am well
I Am healed
I Am wisdom
I Am Joy
I Am Love
I Am Peace  

When my Grandmother passed over (I HATE the term died) a HUGE Transformation began in my life. I had a MAJOR Breakdown TWICE. I had a MAJOR Breakthrough. I became an ordained minister & public speaker advocating for the disabled. But NONE of that DEFINES who I Truly am!! The TRUE ME has been showing herself more and more the past two weeks. She's very down to earth and grounded in ways I NEVER was. She allows herself to FULLY Connect to God AND She talks MAJOR Smack to the devil!!! I use to be afraid to pray out loud, but she gets right in his ugly face!! She scares me, but in a GOOD way. She excites me! She's taking me somewhere. Somewhere I've never been before. Somewhere I want to go. She's teaching me how to FORGET MY PAST and CREATE MY NOW! 

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