Daily Intentions

For the past week I've been writing my daily intentions.  I started posting them on Facebook as my daily Jobs.  I thought I'd share them here as well.

My Job For Today Is:
-To walk in LOVE, speak in LOVE & behave in LOVE
-To keep Everything Simple
-To Focus on MY Walk Only
-To Remain Peace-Filled at ALL times
-To Spread The LOVE of God Like Wild Fire!!

Today's Job:
-See every SPIRIT Being & NOT the outer shell
-Love Unconditionally
-Live Unafraid
-Drop LOVE into as many hearts as Possible

Today's Job:
-Be A Leader NOT a Follower...Only Follow Jesus...No Human
-Walk in LOVE, speak in LOVE & behave in LOVE (A Must)
-Be More like Jesus & NOTHING like this world
-Nurture your mind & body
-Laugh as much as possible

Today's Job:
-Lean on God Completely & NOT Myself
-Eat as little sugar as possible
-Put mail together for my Chemo Buddies -Laugh Uncontrollably

Today Job:
-Be EXTREMELY Grateful for it all
-Just Believe
-Keep Smiling
-Ignore The Negativity 

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