Intention :)

Today's Job:
-Be a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday
-Speak with Kindness
-Love others as you desire to be loved
-Don't just pray...Praise!

Things I Know For Sure:
-It is not my job to judge others for how they live or who they are
-Jesus IS my Lord & Savior
-You MUST be careful with people's hearts
-No one is HOPELESS
-LOVE Conquers All
-I serve the same God that turned a killer into an Apostle

Today's Job:
-Help Those in need WITHOUT second guessing things
-LOVE and then Love some more
-Be in the Moment with those around you
-Enjoy EVERY second of Your Gifted Day on Earth

Today's Job:
-When someone speaks negatively about you understand that it Truly isn't about you
-Walk in Love no matter what
-Choose to be Happy

*I feel it is OUR Job to Uplift one another. Regardless of sex, race, age, religion or sexual orientation. Selfishness and Ignorance hinders this from becoming a reality. That's heart breaking.

Today's Job:
-Don't Judge someone's story by the chapter you just walked into
(saw this on FB)
-Do something for someone else
-Be a Friend and Listen
-Spread Joy NOT Hate

Today's Job:
-Be silent if you can't speak kindly
-Trust Your Instincts
-Know that you are loved BEYOND a human's capabilities of loving you
-Know that you are are LOVED with a love that will NEVER fail you nor leave you.

I Pledge:
-To help Heal this Earth & NOT Hurt it
-To NEVER hurt a being, but to Love them
-To Inspire, Uplift & Encourage my Family in Christ (EVERYONE)
-To be a Positive Light Force in this World for All Beings
-To Lift YOU Up & NOT tear YOU Down (EVERYONE)

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