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We have created the "Luvmail Club"on Facebook!!  Here your kids will be placed on our mailing list to receive Luvmail Once Per Month.  PLUS on birthdays and holidays ( Valentine's Day, Halloween & Christmas). They will receive Coloring & Activity sheets w/stickers, tattoo & band aid. Plus any other awesome flat items we may find.  We will be holding Awesome giveaways for Moms & kiddos in our Club!!  At this time it is just my sister, my daughter and myself sending the mail, so we can only accept a "select" amount of children.

To join the club your child/children (sick, healthy or special needs) must be between the ages of 3-13 (requesting for anyone over 13 should be done through our main page - Random Acts of Luvmail) AND you MUST agree to let us know monthly when mail has been received (exceptions for moms with kids who have terminal illnesses).  We do NOT require moms to post photos of their kids (that is Completely up to you).  We just want to know it arrived safely. :)

To request Luvmail without joining the club simply message our Facebook Page Or email us

You can message my profile page - Tabitha Marie if you have ANY questions or are interested in the club!

The Luvmail Family

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