My Truth #2

This is my sweet baby boy Jasper.  Jasper has been a member of this family for six years (this October).  I've known many dogs in my life, but none like Jasper.  When he made one he started doing something without ever being trained.  When I'm home I get around using my office chair or scooter.  Whenever I'm about to leave my room to go to the kitchen or bathroom Pooh (Jasper) goes to my hubby or daughter to inform them I need assistance.  We NEVER taught him that!  He's also VERY (overly) protective of his mommy.

This may sound weird to some, but to those who are loving pet owners you'll totally get it.  I believe because of my disability God uses Pooh in assisting me.  He loves my hubby tremendously.  He can not sleep without princess Charlie.  But everyone who knows us (including our vet) notices that his love for me is more intense and holy.  This dog looks at me differently than anyone else, he kisses me differently and his devotion is way different.  I wish I could plainly convey to you what I'm trying to describe, but I think to fully understand it you'd have to see it.

Again, this may sound weird, but this is what I believe. I believe God spends tons of time with me through my Pooh.  I once heard a pastor say that dog's don't have spirits.  I FULLY disagree with that.  If you could see how Jasper is with me then you'd disagree as well.  I always say he shows me what God's love looks like every single day.  I never have to ask what God's love looks like!  His love is intense, true, pure, holy, real, good, unconditional, forever, unfailing, enduring, endearing, warm, simple, and laced with joy and peace.  I see this everyday.  Every time Pooh awakens God's love is ever present and how sweet it is to be loved by them both!!

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