Living The Content Life

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In a state of peaceful happiness.

Satisfy (someone).

  1. A state of satisfaction: "the greater part of the century was a time of content".
  2. The things that are held or included in something.

For years I'd heard that word, but was not very familiar with it in my own life.  I took for granted what we had or could get.  Not that we have much, but we have enough.  Recently the word content has been resonating in my mind on a daily basis and now I'm about to put action to my words.  I'm working on building my trust with God.  I believe that he can/will provide for us, but every now and then a twinge of fear wells up in me.  I'm determined to kill that fear and leave it at the cross.

How will I achieve this?  Well, I've already started by eliminating a few bills.  I've downgraded our cell phone package and our cable.  I'm saving all of our loose change while saving paper money as well.  We will no longer be eating out EXCEPT on special occasions (birthdays ONLY).  We will be buying only the necessities for our home.

We recently found a ninety-nine cent store near by that sells EVERYTHING.  They sell produce, canned goods, house cleaning supplies, toiletries and much more for .99!  I went there and stocked up on toothpaste, soap, dish-washing liquid, canned goods, seasonings and toilet paper.  This will be our go to store for those needs.

We are learning to be content with what we have and believe that God will provide.  So many families are starving in America and we all are living in excess.  The change that we save at the end of each year will be used to purchase non-perishable food items and donate to our local food bank.  It's all about simplifying your life in hopes of helping enrich the lives of others.  At least it is for us and we're content with our decisions.   --God Bless

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