Letting Go and Letting God [5.9.12]

“Because you are alive, everything is possible.”
― Thich Nhat Hanh

Fear has been my go to comfort blanket for far too many years.  I've been (with all my might) learning to "let go and let God."  As I'm doing this fear insists on chiming in but I refuse to listen.  God asks that we have faith like little children.  When a child has a situation they go to their parent and state what's needed, parent says "I'll take care of it," and the child leaves it there.  I'm leaving all situations at the feet of my Father.  I trust and believe that He can answer all of my questions.  I believe all of His ways are the right ones.

Go to God with ALL of your problems, worries or fears.  Lay them at His feet and praise Him.  Your faith in Him will be just what He wants.  He will be all that you need.  Our Father says with Him NOTHING is impossible.  Believe that!

I Believe and I Receive:

-God is still on the throne
-He is the orchestrator of our lives
-He will never lead us astray
-Goodness and Mercy shall follow us ALL the days of our lives
-Every situation is temporary
-Every answer we need the Father has and will reveal them in the knick of time

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