A Lesson From Trees [5.24.12]

Cedar Tree - image used via Google.com

But the godly will flourish like palm trees and grow strong like the cedars of Lebanon.
-Psalm 92:12

Even as a child I was strongly fascinated with trees.  Growing up in Louisiana I was blessed to see and touch huge oak trees.  There was something majestic about them.  Right after hurricane Katrina I mourned that I would never see them on a daily basis.  There are lovely trees in San Antonio, but none like the oak trees I grew up with.

Over the past seven years my fascination with trees has grown tremendously.  Every day I open the blinds to my bedroom window and look in awe of the huge masterful trees before me.  But lately clarification has come as to why I adore trees as I do.  Trees remind me of Jesus!

Think about it.  Trees deal with so much pertaining to various weather conditions.  Through rough winters, blistering heat, pouring rain and harsh winds they never become uprooted.  They may lose branches, but they never become uprooted.  Jesus was laughed at, spat on, skin ripped from his body, he was tortured and murdered.  Through all of this He NEVER became uprooted.  Like the tree Jesus did not depend on his own ability, but He completely relied on the ability of the Father who sent him for you and I.

Like He did for both the tree and Jesus God the Father wants to be your strength in the various weather conditions of life.  He wants you to know you can rest in His loving arms and find true peace and security.  All he asks is that you release yourself from the vain idea that YOU are in control.  He's yearning for you and I to fully depend on Him and believe that He is the answer to every situation.  We should completely depend on His abilities and never just our own.

It's amazing what God can teach you if you'll just open your heart, your mind, and a window.  I now understand that if I fully rely on God and follow Jesus like the palm trees and cedars of Lebanon I will most definitely flourish.

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