Depending On God [5.29.12]

"No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.
--Matthew 6:24 

I have been facing an issue for a few years now, but I've been suppressing it so that I did not have to look it in the eye.  Over the past year events in my life have been showing me that God needed my full attention in this matter.  In my heart of hearts, deep in my spirit and in the front of my mind I want and desire to fully depend on God.  But in many ways I have been depending more on money and my own abilities.  I know God wants (desires and delights) in taking care of us.  He excites in his children surrendering and patiently depending on His ability above our own.  I was guilty of this and in many ways knew it, but tried to deny it.

Daily I pray (believing) that I will be more like Jesus and NOTHING like this world.  In order for that to manifest in my life I must fully rely and depend on God in EVERY area of my life.  I was relying on money to make the way instead of God, which is why the money never lasted and I still was filled with complete worry and constant fear.  Now I truly understand that trusting in God is THE WAY and it chases away all doubt, fear or worry.  I have decided to walk in complete faith with God.  I understand that this means I am giving up my ego and depending on God alone.  I also understand that I am now filled with a peace I've never known.

I tell you the truth not knowing the future is scary, but I KNOW the shepherd.  I know that with Him I will never want nor lack one thing in my life.  Will there be obstacles?  Of course there will be!  But I no longer have to fear them for He will be with me.  He has the answers and the solutions to everything Satan brings my way. He is The Answer.  Everything we need individually and as a family is just a breath away.  A few words to God spoken in faith can instantly change your situation and your life.  Fully serve and depend on God and watch him move in your life in supernatural ways.  Free yourself from Satan's blinding hold on your life.  Trust God and let Jesus fill your life with his unfailing love and light.  You will never regret it.

Father God, I'm grateful:

-For every blessing and lesson you'll rain upon us
-You are about to show us/me the true meaning to "living & relying on God"
-You love & care for me far more than the birds and the flowers
-Your peace, joy, wisdom and truth are in me growing & expanding astronomically!  

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