Letting Go...A True Gift

We all go through life with certain beliefs.  Beliefs about love, who we are, and anything in between.  I have had many beliefs and all have been exposed for what they truly are.  I now know that for many years I existed within a fear driven life.  I can name at least three of the many beliefs that messed up my journey for a long time.

   *I believed I had the power and the right to change others
   *I believed in my own negative self talk
   *I believed I had the power to fix any problem that came my way

I started reading the bible in October 2008 and imagine my surprise and relief when I found out the truth!  It was liberating to find out I had absolutely no power what so ever to change a living soul.  That freed me tremendously!  When I found out that God loved me in-spite of my sins.  that he loves me just as I am.  And that I was created in his image!  That forced me to see myself in an entirely new light!  I wanted to know more about this beautiful babe who stood before me!  Getting to know myself has been the greatest gift ever.  Learning that things happen and I would not be able to always fix or that the answers was also very freeing.  I place complete trust in God knowing that if I do what I can he'll do what I can not.

I've also learned something neat about peace and patience, but that's for another post.  I said all this to say...You are loved.  No matter what you may see in the mirror right now.  You are beautiful.  You were created by the Master and he makes NO mistakes.  Allow him to help you see yourself through His eyes.  Allow him to take control and free you from fear and stress.  I promise it will be the greatest gift ever!

*Note* You do not have to read the bible for this to happen, but you will have to invite him into your life and TRUST him.

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