Counting Gifts

 --My little hand that has taken much abuse

--A hubby who loves me and my imperfections

--A Heavenly Father who takes the time to answer my questions (mostly through others)

--Supportive and kind beings who believe in paying it forward

--Music *swoon*

--Being able to work from home in my ever so comfy pajamas (=

--Talks with my baby sister about the bible (she brings me joy)

--I Love You's from my 2 baby nieces

--Confirmation that my life is GOOD


  1. Sweet, sweet post. I love you.

  2. Yes...your life is beautiful! I love working in my pj's too :). xo

  3. It's our gratitude that makes our life. I believe this like I know my own name.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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