Happy New Year!!

A new year begins today and with it arrives many new possibilities.  I am continuing my search to be more like God.  I am seeking Him with great aggression!  My word for this year is "TRUST."  I am making a sincere and conscious effort to trust God completely.  I know with all my heart that His love is TRUE.  I know that He is worthy to be TRUSTED.  I know he will never hurt nor abandon me.  I will walk humbly with Him in my life.  I will take each lesson I learn and share it with others who are seeking Him and trying to find their most joyful and authentic selves.  I will TRUST myself more.  I am very grateful for every blessing and every downfall as well.  This year will hold many surprises and I will face them standing firm in my TRUST in God!

I pray you will find great joy, health and success in this new year.  Every day is a NEW beginning, so face each day in trust and with bravery.  Knowing each step is guided by the Most High God!

2011 Goals:

1. TRUST God Completely
2. Continue on my weight loss journey (45 lbs to go!)
3. Be the BEST life/spiritual coach I can be for my clients
4. Continue to spread God's Love through our Family Mission
5.  LIVE FULLY AWAKE in every moment
6. Continue to be The Best Me God wants me to be!

Happy New Year and God Bless!


  1. happy new year tabitha!!! i love your word...my word for 2011 is "possibility".

  2. Wishing you a blessed 2011. Do you suppose trust and acceptance are very close, conceptually? I do; my word for 2011 is acceptance.

  3. Hey Honey, sorry to hear about your arm. Many blessings to you and yours!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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