Lessons Learned

As much as I hate to admit it...I am my mother's daughter.  What I mean is I got my stubborn streak straight from her.  Our parents are the first people we learn from and I learned some not so nice habits.  After giving my life to Jesus 3 years ago I started to see myself in a brand new light.  Some of it I so did not like.  Today, I can say I'm closer to changing all of that than ever before.

What did I learn?

*I was a very impatient person.  I also learned that I didn't have to pray to be patient, because God had already placed it within me.  I just needed to choose to be patient!

*I can NOT change anyone, but myself.  This was a hard one, because there were a few people I wanted to be different.  Once this sunk deep within me I felt freed!  I decided to work on me and in doing so the others started to change as well!

*I don't trust human beings enough.  I try very hard to be optimistic, but when you've been let down a BUNCH it truly get's hard.  I'm not quit there yet, but I'm working it out.

*Not all people are as kind, considerate, think or feel as I do.  Everyone is different and I need to approach every situation with that at the forefront of my mind.

I'm learning and growing.  I rather love it, because I am now brutally honest with myself these days.  My character is growing and my body is shrinking (weight-loss) and I'm SOO loving the transformation!


  1. Beautiful! I am the same way...I am very much my mother's daughter, for better or worse. :)

  2. Thank you so much for the reminders. I've been working on these very things the past 8 months or so. A big change for me was the second one on your list. When I let go of wanting one person to change, I felt as if the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders. My husband comments every day about the change in me and how much he appreciates it. You are an inspiration. Thanks for that. Take care.

  3. Hey this post kind of reminds me of myself as I am trying to grow in the Lord as well. A lot of these things are things that I deal with inside of myself as well. It is so good to see that you are growing in the Lord! Best wishes and blessings on your journey and congrats on the weight loss. I am there as well! I am hopeful that this year will be the year that I lose all of my weight or at least some of it. We shall see what happens. :o)

  4. I have struggled with wanting to change others also. It was very liberating when I realized that it wasn't my place to change others.

    Great word my friend!

  5. you are so beyond precious, love you.


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