Scribbling My Joys

I can NOT be torn apart, because I am held together by the POWER & LOVE of The Almighty God. --Tabitha

*I've been blissfully busy spreading joy to those battling cancer
*I'm still flying high from my 9lb loss
*Getting loads of hugs, kisses and high 5's from Princess Charlie
*Enjoying the changes of the season
*Knowing without a doubt God loves me
*Knowing without a doubt that I adore Him
*Having a slip and being able to laugh about it
*Preparing for Halloween (I LOVE IT)
*Spending cuddle time with my puppy son
*Waking up breathing easily
*No asthma attacks in awhile (=
*Listening to music that makes me shake my booty or stirs my soul (sigh)
*Knowing that NOTHING and I do mean NOTHING can stop me from becoming who God created me to be

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