Authenticity - A New Beginning

Authentic: true to one's own personality, spirit, or character

When I first started this blog 2 years ago it was done to express my spiritual journey.  Writing in my paper journal was becoming harder for me, so I figured this was a great idea and it was.  But, down the line I got caught up in numbers and comments and it ultimately lead me to lose interest in my own blog.  There are many things I've done and for silly reasons have let them be altered because I didn't stay true to myself.  I've mentioned before that I love learning about myself (the good and bad).  Going on this journey of living, eating and thinking healthier has shown me how I have failed to stay true to myself.  I worried if readers would think I was becoming too christian(y).  First, let me the first to say that is so very stupid!  Who cares if they do?  If they do they have the option of never visiting here again.

I can NOT write what I think others want me to say.  I have to write what the spirit guides me to write.  Doing that is me being true to myself.  I can have 1 reader.  If something I write helps that 1 reader, then this whole thing is worth it all.  I have decided to turn off the comment feature on this blog.  The main reason being I didn't start this for comments.  Do I love hearing from you all?  Yes!  Absolutely!  Deep within my soul I feel this is the best decision for me.  Will I still visit other blogs and leave comments?  Absolutely!  I love you all and you've helped me find my voice.  It is because of this I can shut off the comments and feel at peace with it.  It is time for me to return to the beginning.  The spot where I wrote for God and along the way it helped a few people.  Most of all it helped me. (=

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