3 Wonderful Moments

In this negative world we live in today it is vital that we celebrate every good thing in our lives, so I figured I'd do that here. (=

1. I put the 100 calorie candy bar down and grabbed the 10 calorie jello pack instead for a snack.  I was very proud of that!

2. Noticing the beautiful muscles in my leg instead of noticing fat.

3. When I lose my next 10lbs I'll officially be out of the 200's.  I've decided that my reward will be to buy myself 3 Paula Deen candles.  They smell so yummy and fill the whole home with sweet scents!


  1. Tabitha,

    Congratulations today sweet angel that the changes you are making are life changing and affecting your unconscious decision making as well. I am super proud of you and the progress you have made so far!

    Please stop by my blog today, as I have an urgent prayer request this morning for my brother in law.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. Tabitha, you are doing so wonderful, How exciting to be out of the 200s, Keep at it and those ten pounds will come off quickly. so so proud of your accomplishments. hugs.

  3. go girl! you are doing it! i am so happy for you!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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