Complete Harmony - Another Aha Moment

It's been awhile, but much has been going on.  I have been battling within myself these days.  Today however, I believe without a doubt I can say I am in complete harmony.  There are thousands of people online professing to be experts in the fields of exercising and eating healthy.  However, I have yet to find one person who can relate to a person with disabilities.  Most articles say change up your exercise routine often so that your muscles won't become conditioned to the same old routine.  But, what happens when a person is disabled and their choices are very limited?  I let this get deep within my head and started doing exercises (once again) that caused my body harm.  My back was hurting so much I didn't even want to continue on this journey, then it hit me.  From day 1 I placed myself and this issue in God's hands.  I know without a doubt that He has given me the strength to get this far.  So, what I realized is I have to stick with what works for me.  Trusting God works for me.  Doing the exercises that don't hurt works for me.  I know without a doubt that if I do what I can do - God will do what I can't do.  I believe this with all of my heart.  From now on I'm listening to His guidance.

The great news is I am now 206lbs!!  I am 7 lbs away from leaving the 200's and I'm so excited!  I will never weigh 200 again in my lifetime.  This I guarantee God and myself!


  1. Tabitha, Those 7 pounds will come off in no time. I agree with you about this exercise thing. What I am really trying to remember is that little by little...right now a short walk on the treadmill is what I am doing, someone told me I should be on there an hour a day...not going to happen!not now anyway. you look awesome in your picture. god bless,

  2. Tabitha,
    How exciting that you are about to cross the 200 pound mark. Good for you. Your post is so encouraging - yes, we must do what God designed to work for US and let it go at that. "Trusting God works for me" - amen, sister!

  3. Congratulations Tabitha! Good for you! You are doing a great job. :o)


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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