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Many of you may already know, but I feel it necessary to announce it again...I love cooking!  I mean I LOVE it.  Preparing food for those I love is at the top of my joy list.  I'm a HUGE Bobby Flay and Paula Deen fan.  I watch them everyday to get new ideas.  After watching Paula a few days earlier I got an idea for a twist on one of my ultimate favorite food items ever.  I'm crazy over stuffed bell peppers!  I can eat 4 in one day and not think twice about it. LOL

I'm also a lover of tomatoes, so when I saw Paula bake seasoned tomatoes I thought "why not stuff them?"  I headed to Wal-Mart and purchased my needed items!  It's only three of us here, but Princess Charlie does not eat bell pepper nor tomatoes.  So, it's more for hubby and I. (=

I paired it with baked Talapia Fish marinated in a sun dried tomato marinade.  Our stuffing was made with Stove top stuffing and sauteed shrimp, onions and crab meat.  Yum-O!

As we say in Louisiana - Laissez Le Bon Temps Roulet, which means "Let The Good Times Roll!"


  1. I love the Throwdown :-D Though I'm not a big Bobby fan when I watch The Next Food Star. I like him far better in Throwdown and Iron Chef.

  2. sister stop! this is too yummy sounding. and it looks fab!
    did you say louisiana? quit playing with my emotions. lol
    red beans and rice on monday??

  3. I loved stuffed peppers too. Stuffed tomatoes sounds even better! Well, I take the name seriously and I do stuff myself at a good meal, life is short!!!

  4. oh man that sounds delicious. And can you believe I've never eaten a stuffed pepper??!!

  5. Greetings Tabitha,

    I wanted to stop in and say thanks for the birthday wishes. I love that you are spreading love through care packages in the mail. So needed in this world.

    one love, dear one.


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