The Countdown Begins!!

Blessed Wednesday Beautiful Beings!

I am counting down the days to my birthday.  I'm very excited to see another birthday!  After the past five years who knew I'd be here living the life God has blessed me with now.  I've been spending more time in The Word, listening to praise music, cooking until my heart's content and of course sending out goody bags all across the USA.  It's been an exciting time in my life!

This upcoming Sunday I'll be 39 years old and I'm truly excited!  Growing old has never scared me.  Dying scared me, but it does no longer.  I don't mind gray hair.  Heck, I've had gray hairs since I was 17! (=
I've always been told the older you get the wiser you become.  I'm starting to see that not only in my life, but in a few lives that I desperately love as well.

This Sunday I pray you will all drop by and leave a few words of love!  I'm tinkled pink to still be here among so many beautiful people and I need you all to know I treasure each of you!  Have an amazing day!


  1. I'm early, but happy, happy birthday to you, my sweet friend. God bless you.

  2. Hoping Sunday brings you a bounty of blessings on your special day, Tabitha.

  3. I love you, have a very beautifully blessed week.

  4. 39? You're a young heart full of bliss! As you count down the days, don't forget to celebrate those days also! It's the journey that counts!

  5. My mother said (and still says) your age is how you feel and act and just a number! Enjoy your birthday WEEK!

  6. How wonderful you are about to celebrate another God-given birthday!! Much love, xx


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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