Sincere Thoughts on A Monday Morning

I wish to be: healed, restored, renewed and patient

I wish to receive: love, favor, patience, guidance and comfort

Today I am: healed, restored, renewed, loved, guided, comforted, wanted, needed, growing, learning, beautiful, intelligent and just as God wishes me to be.

Today I am grateful for: The love of God, The sacrifice of Jesus, My life, Growth, New eyes, Love, Peace, Comfort, Restoration, Favor, My Family, Life's Lessons, Falling and being picked up, Steady breathing, Music, Blessings, Sunshine, Warmth on my skin, Big Hugs, Kisses from Charlie, The gift of being a mom, The gift of being an aunt, The gift of being a child of God, Truth, Justice, Time, The ability to write my thoughts, The freedom to speak my mind, A roof over our head, Food to eat, Paid bills and The Bible.


  1. Love dropping by for my dose of bliss!

    Expect GREAT things this week!

  2. Life lesson's are most definitely something to be appreciative of....

  3. Always glad to come and read your positive posts. life is great. take care. hugs to you.

  4. Oh yes, PAID BILLS. I hear ya on that one for sure!!!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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