Gratitude Monday

Today I Am Grateful:

1. That we as a family (Through God) are able to be a blessing to so many others.
2. That there IS A God!
3. That the ink in my printer is still going strong (by all accounts it should have ran out months ago - TRUE STORY).
4. For the Grace and Mercy The Father gives me.
5. That when I ask Him to speak to me - He does (always through others)
6. That my fears have vanished and have been replaced by Faith
7. For my hearing, sight and ability to communicate (speech)
8. For my brand new wheelchair
9. For a husband that loves and provides. He never complains or dwells in self mode.
10. To know the TRUE Meaning Of Humility, Faith, Grace, Peace and Love

Even when chaos surrounds me I will believe in You
For there is no mere mortal who will love me as you do
You protect me through the night and guide me through the day
I am grateful that you choose to walk with me in every single way
You hold my hand
You whisper in my ear
You instruct me to be still and know that you are here
I could not live this life without you
Your love is my saving grace
I smile and live in peace and joy 
knowing one day I'll see your loving face

--Your Daughter Tabitha D


  1. Tabitha, I am so glad I popped by this morning, you reminded me of all good things...and a brand new wheelchair, fabulous for you. Sometimes I forget my hand is being held. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Tabitha, I just love that prayer. Thank you for inspiring and uplifting my day!! Be blessed and favored in all you do today! :)

  3. Beautiful gratitude prayer...honey add one more: I'M GLAD THE SAINTS WON!!!

  4. such an amazing post...i love your words.

  5. Beautiful! That's so inspirational. We all have something to be thankful for!

  6. Great Prayer. We all need to be grateful each and everyday of our lives. Do you say this prayer all the time Tabitha?

  7. Hi Jonathan! I wrote that prayer the very day I posted it, so I haven't been praying it very long..I am now using it as a daily prayer. Thank you for visiting!

  8. Absolutely beautiful prayer Tabitha! Your writing always moves me!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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