The Day I Died

*Prayer Request* I know that there is something to a group of beings praying at once, so I am humbly asking each and every reader, commenter and even the lurkers to please pray for my aunt Diana.  Her cancer has spread and they are trying to see if it has possibly spread to her head.  Please uplift her  in prayer..Please!!

The morning of July 12, 2008 my Grandma went to be with God.  On that very morning her strong belief in God and in me lead to a second death.  On the very morning that my Grandmother went to Heaven she took my old spirit with her.  She knew what God had planned for me.  She also knew that I was completely standing in His way.  A year before her death (which no one saw coming) she told me of a dream she had where she saw me in the Glory God had in store for me.  At that time I was just learning how to truly embrace God.  I still allowed fear to rule my decisions, I wasn't reading the bible and just the thought of my Grandma leaving me would paralyze my very being.

But, on July 12, 2008 around 3:30 am she freed me of all these things.  I believe with all my heart that my Grandma saved me from myself that day.  Her faith is becoming my faith.  Because she loved me so very much I am now living the live God had planned all along.  I no longer fear the unknown and I now know that I was never in control of my life.  Her death restored a strength in me I've NEVER witnessed before.  For her I live the life God wishes and I must admit God has class my friends.  The path he has chosen for me is by far the greatest dream ever imagined.  On the morning of my Grandma's rise to Heaven my old self died and a new and greater me was born.  I follow God above all others and I no longer fear death, because I KNOW who's arms I'll walk into when my time comes.  I know that I can get through anything as long as my faith stays in Him.  My sweet Angel (Grandma) is making sure of this and I love her more than I could ever love any Heavenly being.  Because of Her and God I am now re-born!


  1. Tabitha I am so happy for you, she sounds like a wonderful person, I sort of have had a similar experience since my Dad passes away, the feeling of being in the church with all the people in the town for support, I left a lot of the old me behind that day too. You are an inspiration my dear. I believe your Grandma would be so proud.

  2. What a beautiful, spiritual experience. Your strength in your faith blows my mind Tabitha. Kudos to your angel... your Grandma!

    (((Sending healing thoughts & prayers to your aunt Diana)))

  3. prayers going up!!! and will continue, to be sure :) (HUGS)

  4. i became closer to God when my grandmother passed away. it is amazing how our past generations can open up our heart and soul. i will be praying for your aunt. my love to you!

  5. Oh, Sweetie, what a beautiful testimonial of your Faith! I know your Grandmother is smiling down on you.

    I will keep your Aunt in my prayers. Lifting her and your family up right now. God is holding her in his arms right now.

    Love and peace, Linda

  6. Praying for your Aunt, and for God's peace to be with you Tabitha.

  7. wow tabitha. what a beautiful story! I am proud of the "new you". You are an inspiration to all of us. :)


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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