Soothing Sundays

So, today was totally awesome! I was glued to the television like bees to honey.☺
Scooby Doo 1 & 2, The Adams Family Values and Beetlejuice!
What more could a lady ask for?
Topped off with an hour of great music. This day has been a blast!
Now, I'm off to my favorite store in the world (wal-mart). My weekend would NOT
be complete with out a visit.

Awesome moments:
1. Waking up fully rested
2. Enjoying television
3. Enjoying music
4. Enjoying the company of my princess

Things I'm Grateful For:
1. Life and Health
2. Family
3. Possibilities
4. The ability to see, hear and speak
5. Blessings of all sizes
6. My brand new journal☺
7. God's Love

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