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Since I was a little girl I can remember my exact thought as I passed a homeless person on the street. It killed me to know that this was going on and it was at the age of nine that I received my first lesson in the realities of this subject. While driving down Canal Street heading home with my step-dad and sister I spotted a woman lying on the bench at the bus stop. It was wintertime and I was cold while driving in the van, so I knew she had to be cold while at that bus stop. I asked my step-dad why would she be sleeping at the bus stop and he replied "she's homeless." What does that mean? I asked. He then explained what it meant and I demanded that we go get her a blanket from home. My step-dad said all right, but once we were home he laid down. I think I literally had a fit, because he jumped up and took my sister and I back to the bus stop. We gave the lady the blanket never saying one word to her. The gratitude was there, but I think we had stunned her into silence. We went back to our warm home, but I NEVER forgot this woman and I truly believe that it was then that this passion of wanting to help others was born.

Now I take you to winter of last year. Hubby and I were riding up Walzum Blvd and as the traffic slowed up I could see three adults sitting at the corner. They had no signs nor where they going to cars begging. You knew they were homeless, because of their appearance and demeanor. One of the adults was an elderly guy (maybe in his mid 50's). The other guy was maybe in his late 20's and the young lady was no more than 20. As our car inched closer to them the lump in my throat grew harder and the tears could no longer hide themselves. It was then my husband said, "I know what you're thinking and I'm turning around now. We entered into McDonalds and ordered the three adults some food and drinks and brought it to them. At this point I was still crying, because this shouldn't be this way in America. I explained how I wish I could have done more and the young guy replied, "you've done more than enough", smiled and asked God to bless me.

My heart ached for them long after the day was ending. I wondered what could have happened to lead them where they were. Then I became angry, because I strongly believe homelessness should not exist. I also realized it's not just up to the government to help our fellow brothers and sisters. If we all took a second to think of more than just ourselves we could change the way the world flows today.

I refuse to sit here and list the ways I'm trying to change the world, because I believe the only one who deserves the accolades is the Father. But, I will challenge you all to "Make A Difference" today. Why? Because it's the right thing to do. How? I'm glad you asked!

You can start by visiting a few of the sites listed below to get great ideas on how to help others and make a difference.

I promise you if you do just ONE good deed for someone it will have a HUGE and POSITIVE impact on the universe. Who knows you may even want to do it more often!

At this very moment there's someone who needs a smile, a kind word or even a hug. YOU could be the one to Make A Difference in their lives. Are U Ready?

Sites To Find Great Ways To Help:

Operation NICE

The Kindness Center

29-Day Giving Challenge

Every Monday Matters

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  1. Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world today."

    Sometimes that is all we can do.

    Thank you for your kind words. I know your day is already blessed.


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