Fulfilling You Destiny

Are you fulfilling your destiny? Are you living up to your full potential?

These are questions I use to ask myself on a daily basis. For the longest time I'd allow fear to run me in the opposite direction of my destiny. I knew what it was I was meant to do since I was a child. Every time I saw someone hurting or in need this fire lit up around my heart and I wanted to help.

In recent years my feet have planted themselves and my steps have become steady ones. I had to be hit over the head to finally understand that just because everyone didn't jump on my band wagon it didn't mean I was on the wrong band wagon. I started to listen to my heart and in doing so the answers became completely clear. I now knew that my destiny had found me and I needed to embrace it.

Since doing so I have been blessed with a peace within that I will guard with my life. I SEE God's miracles everyday. In placing complete faith in him he opened doors that I never knew existed. My every dream is coming true! My every need is being fulfilled and it's all because I stopped and allowed him to take the lead.

With the way my mind operates I'll always find a newer version of fulfilling my destiny. But the ultimate one is being fulfilled every minute that I breathe. I am a servant of the most high. This has proven to be one of the most rewarding jobs known to mankind.

He works through me to spread smiles and uplift his children worldwide. Every day I am allowed to spread kindness to those in need. I get to meet beautiful children who are fighting to live and adults who are fighting to find their way in this world. With my family at my side I get to make change and I can't describe the euphoria this presents.

The answer to my questions is YES. I am fulfilling my destiny and living up to my potential daily. My desire has always been to help others and through the Father I get to do this with all the resources right at my fingertips. He provides. He sends those who are like-minded down my path. The bonus is I get to become involved in some of the greatest friendships ever.

The answer to my questions is YES. Because I stopped and listened to God's word I am finally fulfilling my destiny.

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