The Feeling Of My Father

October 16, 2008

Today I felt God flow straight through me. Let me explain. I've been on a wonderful journey of growth and spirituality for the past 2 years. I notice things I've NEVER noticed before. I find myself thanking god for things I had never thanked him for in the past.
While sitting on my porch a very cool breeze blew and it blew straight "threw" me! It was as if God was refreshing my soul in his own way. Out loud I shouted "Thank You God!" I took that breeze literally for me. I can't fully explain it, but I have one word for ya…Amazing!

I felt as though he reached down and hugged me through this breeze and I'm truly grateful. ☺
I sat outside and noticed every single aspect about it. Taking note of every breath taken. Feeling my pulse quicken at the thought of just how much My Father loves me!

People have been describing me as amazing, but I have to tell them "It's God doing amazing things through me". This thought I LOVE! ☺

I Believe:
1. God loves me and guides me
2. In Peace
3. True Love & Friendships
4. Soul mates
5. Grams blessed me with that ounce of strength I asked for
6. That Cancer will be ERASED!!!

Positive Moments:
1. When I woke up
2. Sitting outside with Monica
3. Feeling God's Touch (Literally)

I'm Grateful For:
1. My life and good health
2. Jodie and Dre
3. Love for Myself
4. Jodie's brilliant mind ☺
5. Blessings of all sizes
6. Peace Within
7. My Grandmother
8. A life filled with Peace, Love, Laughter & Success
9. Everyday HE breathes life into me ☺


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