Seeing God in Everything

Last night while watching "Our America w/Lisa Ling" one of the nuns she interviewed stated that we will never be able to be in one designated place at all times to be in God's presence.  But we can choose to be in His presence right where we are.  I choose to do this every single day and recently (during prayer) I asked God and he explained what being in his presence means.

It means: being conscious that God is with you wherever you are, loving those you don't even know and fully understanding just how deep His love is for you.

You are in God's Presence:

*when you are alone praying
*when you walk and see trees standing majestic and strong
*during praise and worship
*when you hear children laughing
*when you see clouds floating by and they seem to say "look at me"
*when unexpected blessings fall before you
*when you pass a beautiful garden and it commands your attention
*even in your sleep
*when someone expresses love towards you
*when you express your love toward others

Father, I'm Grateful:

*You love us in ways no one will ever match
*You'll never leave nor fail us
*Your goodness & mercy will follow us all the days of our lives
*You are the creator of Heaven, Earth, Me & All Children of God
*Miracles will take place in the lives of those who need them today
*For every soul that will be won over to the kingdom of God
*For Jesus and his phenomenal and unfailing love

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