Life Lesson From God [6.25.12]

Photo by Princess Charlie (daughter)

"If you have life; you have purpose," --Caroline Myss

Revelation: each day God fills us with His nature and goodness (peace, joy, love, mercy, kindness and wisdom).  We do not have to ask for these things, for God gives them to us freely everyday.  But, we can activate them in our lives by believing, relying and depending on God to lead us through each one.  Depend on his ability and strength alone and you'll never go wrong.

Lord, I Refuse: *to turn away from the bible
*to be lead astray
*to mistreat and manipulate others
*to live my life in fear and unbelief

Lord, I Choose: *to uplift my family Your way
*to follow Jesus and obey His every word
*to love and inspire others
*to believe your EVERY word

Father, I'm Grateful:
-Miracles and restoration are taking place today for millions of Your children
-You hear the cries of ALL who are hurt and lost
-The Blood of Jesus is upon the heads of ALL God's beloved children
-Your love conquers all evil and sin
-Laughter and joy will invade the hearts and homes of ALL

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