A Lesson From God

I want to start this out by saying I NEVER desire to place my opinions upon anyone.  When I am trying to learn something new I go directly to the source - God.  Over some years I've heard many religious leaders teach on "Fearing God" and let me tell you they succeeded.  I was so afraid of God I wanted nothing to do with Him.  Jesus, I loved and adored, but I stayed my distance from God based on what I was taught.

Since 2008 I've been learning God's Truth.  Each day I humbly ask God to teach me himself and he has.  I wanted to know the truth about fearing God and the following is what HE recently taught me.

The Fear of God:
   What it is NOT: God does NOT desire us to be afraid of Him.  When you are afraid of something or someone what happens?  You try to avoid that person or situation at any cost.  He does not EVER want us to avoid or run from Him.  His heart yearns for us to RUN to him every day of our lives.

   What it SHOULD BE:  We should respect God so much for what He did for us that NOTHING within us will allow us to sin or cause harm to anyone, especially God.  Our love for God should be so great that the very thought of hurting or dishonoring God should break our hearts and STOP us dead in our tracks.  What we should be afraid of is hurting Our Father or doing anything that could take us out of His Hedge of Protection.

God promises he'll never abandon nor fail us, so we can rest assure on this.  God will NEVER leave you and He is QUICK to forgive.  Gos is NOT a bully waiting to pick on you each time you mess up.  He's NOT plotting to destroy your life the moment you make a wrong choice.  God is the absolute opposite of a bully!  He's loving and kind.  He's merciful and generous.  He's fair and forgiving.

If you have God in your life or you want God in your life the ONLY thing you should be fearing is stepping outside of His will for you.  If you are not sure what God's will for your life is I lovingly suggest you ASK Him.  I promise He WILL answer you!

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