Days 12 & 13

Yesterday I decided that I would park my butt on the sofa all weekend and do nothing.  That was a great idea and I'm grateful to have the luxury to do it, but it just wasn't going to happen.  I do things!  I cook, exercise, put goody bags together and I love writing.  Taking an entire weekend and doing none of that would have driven me insane. LOL

However, I'm very grateful that I could if I wanted to.  I woke up today (Saturday) and decided I wanted to exercise.  Hubby joined me and I was so proud of him!  He's having a harder struggle with losing weight, so I'm trying to lovingly nudge him into exercising.  I know that would be a great move for him.  I love him and I so want him to be healthy and happy.

Today I Am Grateful:

*For the most comfy blanket ever!  I slept like a baby last night.

*That hubby and I walked in place together for 36 minutes!!

*That I have the ability to hear..I truly would be lost without music.

*For a peaceful heart (=

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  1. This is wonderful Tabitha! It's nice to have a choice to sit in peace. But even better to have a partner that will come with you when you want to get up and move! xoxo


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