Advice To Princes Charlie

There are many days when I sit and say to myself "I wish someone would have told me this."  In nine months I'll be 40 years old and for me it is exciting.  I love the thought of aging.  I love the thought of a much wiser me.  I love the thought of a day I'll be called "grandma."  I know many look at aging as a curse.  I'm grateful that is not an issue for me, because I think if I worried about what's going to happen anyway I'd be very miserable.

I strongly believe in sharing things that I learn and I especially do this with my daughter (Princess Charlie).  I know she will make choices that will in the end be a huge mistake, but I also believe that with the right guidance those mistakes may be fewer.  I strongly believe if someone (anyone) would have given me a few life tips things would have been much easier for me.  My grandma gave me the best advice ever.  She said "If you're going to give your troubles to God do it and then walk away fro them."  I didn't listen to her until much later, but now I know that advice was the greatest she could have ever given me.  So, I have some advice for my daughter and to my younger self.

Rules to Live By:

1. Love yourself completely.  In order for you to fully love others you must first fully love yourself.
2. Believe in God with all of your heart, mind, body and soul.  He will NEVER steer you wrong.
3. Just Breathe. No matter what's going on ALWAYS breathe
4. Simplify life as much as possible and always express gratitude
5. Laugh as many time per day as you humanly can
6. Do NOT sweat the small stuff...Literally!!
7. Live and love every minute of your life..It is indeed short and you don't want to miss out on the joy
8. Choose to be joyful EVERYDAY..Even through the chaos.
9. Do what you can and God will do what you can NOT do (which, is a ton!)
10. Grow old graciously..It is a gift and not a curse

Love Always, Mommy


  1. beautiful advice from a beautiful woman. I love being in my fourties. I think it is when most of us come into our own. Big hugs my friend.

  2. These are great rules to live by. I need to print them out maybe add some of my own and paste them all over my house. I think it would really help me right now.
    Thanks for being such a blessing!


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