Day 11

Today I Am Grateful:

*For a seriously needed good nights rest.  I feel so refreshed and alive and that makes me so joyful.

*There has been no asthma in my life since my doctor placed me on Symbicort three months ago.  I can not fully describe the peace that brings to my heart.

*For shows like "Soap" and "Benson."  Do you remember those shows?  They were a household favorite when I was growing up and I can remember the laughter so vividly.  Yesterday my daughter and I watched a few episodes of Soap online and we cracked up so much.  Hearing her laughter filled me up with sweet joy.


  1. I am glad your asthma is under control, as for Soap and Benson, used to be two of my favorites. I can see why your daughters laughter would fill you with joy. I am grateful for you.

  2. i remember those shows. i miss them. ; )

    so happy you are doing well.


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