Day 14 - Saying Goodbye

Not to my blogging community!

Yesterday I visited my friend Caroline's blog Constantly Evolving and she was inviting her readers to say goodbye to those who cause us pain or make us feel shitty.  Well, I have a HUGE confession.  There is indeed someone in my life that has caused me a great deal of hurt.  They allowed others to hurt me without standing up for me.  This person that I must rid my life of is...Me

How can I get rid of myself?  It's actually not that hard to do.  Currently there are two versions of myself.  The old me who allowed others to go too damn far.  The me that took too much crap.  The me who cried herself to sleep after each fall out.  The me who thought being overweight was okay as long as I was alive.  What The Hell!!

Then there's the new me.  The me who kicks butt and takes names later.  The me who now KNOWS her worth.  The me who chooses joy instead of waiting for others to give it to me.  The me who is nurturing both mind and body daily through exercise, meditation, pampering and prayer.  The me who will never allow another being to define who SHE is.

I love them both for different reasons, but it's time to kick the old me OUT.  She's held on for far too long.  She has made life on earth hard, dark and cold.  Although I know she loves me she didn't love me ENOUGH.  This newer version of me?  She has proven her love and does so everyday.  She knows bull-crap from a mile away and she's not afraid to stand up for me and say so.  She believes in living a life of joy and peace right here on earth.  SHE has MY best interest at heart and honestly I am deeply DEEPLY in love with her.  I want her here!  I never want to let her go!  But the old me?  We will now close the door and never look back.  As of today she is history and I wish her well.


  1. Ha. Well dear, I pray you have great success in kicking aside the "Tabitha" who needs to go.

    Bless you,

  2. Now that's a great idea. I do have some hurt to let go of.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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