Sitting On Cloud 9

Hello Beautiful Beings (:

I don't even know where to start.  I had a fabulous birthday weekend and I'm so very grateful.  There were so many fabulous moments.  God has been giving me insight like I have never known.  Have you ever felt so grateful and joyful that it scared you?  Yep, that happened to me.  It's amazing how when you are in a funk you have tunnel vision, but once that veil is lifted you see things in High Definition.  That is what my view of myself and my life is like these days.  Through others God answers my questions.  Through the Bible he comforts and re-assures me daily.  At one point I wasn't sure if I fully trusted him, but I now know that without a doubt I do.  I trust him with my heart, mind, body and soul.  I trust Him with my life!  After all His son died for me to have this life.   Yeah, sitting on cloud 9 is the bees knees my friends!

Birthday Highlights:

1. Woke up after dreaming of my grandma visiting me just to wish me a happy birthday (=
2. Hubby sang happy birthday and served me my favorite breakfast (waffles w/PB&J)
3. Getting birthday kisses from Princess Charlie
4. Getting birthday kisses from my puppy son Jasper
5. Reading many birthday wishes from family & friends on Face Book and Twitter
6. Dinner at Chilli's (Yummy)
7.  A mini shopping spree at Wal-Mart


  1. Oh my friend I am so glad you are on cloud nine. sounds like your birthday was nice. i want to make sure I have wished you happy birthday. I think I did, forgetful when I am tired. keep doing what your doing because you sound wonderful. take care, much love,

  2. What a wonderful birthday!!! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  3. so glad you enjoyed your day!!!!!
    happy b-day, my friend.

  4. Your birthday sounds like it was so much fun, I'm glad!!! I got to try the p-nut butter on waffles, that would be delish.

  5. So glad you enjoyed your birthday, love you.

  6. Sounds like the perfect day! Wishing you many blessings this year! xoxo


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